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Ethereum price usd


Ethereum price

-1.04%24H change
$154,044,899,104market cap
12 PMMon 2112 PMTue 2212 PMWed 2312 PMThu 2412 PMFri 2512 PMSat 2612 PMDec 2722,00023,00024,00025,00026,00027,00028,0000200M400M600M800M1Bprice25926.82volume171.9M

What is Ethereum

ETH is the native token used on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is an open-source, programmable blockchain, upon which software developers can build “decentralized applications,” or “dApps.”

A dApp can be almost anything: decentralized financial services, (borrow, lend, or invest without a bank or company in the middle), prediction markets (where people bet on the outcome of events), even games (earn, own, and trade in-game assets).

The key is that all of these dApps can be built on top of Ethereum and ETH is the native cryptocurrency used for this blockchain. Because Ethereum, and consequently ETH, is open source and decentralized, there is no company, organization or individual that controls ETH.

Ethereum Price

The current price of Ethereum is $1,261.01 US dollars. This price is down -1.04% from yesterday

Ethereum News

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